Monday, September 9, 2013

"Cause and Effect?"

Based upon the Cause And Effect episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, what Science Fiction concepts that we will address (Extrapolation, Xenophobia, Grandfather Paradox, Frankenstein Complex) are evident within what you viewed?  If so, how?  Explain and detail within your blog response after we finish viewing the film.


  1. In star trek the next generation, the cause and effect episode showed me that the science fiction concept can be based on robots, the future, and deja vu. In this episode their is extrapolation, because of the range of unknown values, or not knowing why they keep going back in time. Their also is Paradox in this episode, because no one knows why this is happening, and it seems senseless.

  2. In this episode of Star Trek the grandfather paradox was present as they were in a loop of time travel and extrapolation was introduced through the paradox because in each loop the total future outcomes could be an unlimited number of situations.